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At Hint, we believe your birth chart holds the keys to unlocking your greatest potential. Our app provides personalised astrological insights to help you navigate all of life's adventures and challenges.

We go beyond superficial sun sign horoscopes to deliver hyper-personalised guidance based on the unique positioning of planets at your exact time and location of birth. Our advanced AI technology synthesises NASA data along with astrological principles to generate your natal chart and detailed reports. 

Features and Highlights

Our team of professional astrologers is here to provide personalised recommendations and unlimited one-on-one guidance to help you make the most of your cosmic blueprint. Get answers to your burning questions from experienced advisors who know how to interpret your astrological insights.

At Hint Astrology, we aim to educate and empower you to navigate life’s journey with greater awareness and meaning. Our fun, friendly approach simplifies astrology so you can harness its profound wisdom in a modern context.

Join the thousands who are living happier, healthier lives guided by the stars. Explore your relationships, life purpose, and potential through the illuminating lens of astrology.

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April 20, 2023

Adore astrology

“I love horoscopes and astrology but I never had a good source to get all the information I wanted. Hint app is a perfect solution. The astrologer answered all my questions, gave me daily horoscopes and explained my natal chart, especially my problematic points. I love how easy it is to use. I would recommend hint to anyone that has ever been curious about astrology or horoscopes.”


August 24, 2022

Astrology app for all

“The app is a great way to understand what's going on in your life. It also provides sound advice at the right time, which can be really helpful! The notifications are creepy but I don't hate them because they make me feel like stars have my back and that we're aligned with one another for some unknown reason (even though no explanation has been offered). There could use more creativity when it comes down choosing words; however overall this was an excellent product from you all - thank-you so much again!!!!”


June 13, 2023

I'm excited

"New to this sight, but I have been exploring many different sights, trying to understand myself and where I should be heading, and this sight has been so much more detail oriented and personal than others. I'm excited to see where it takes me!"

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